ALON Passenger Terminal: Integrated Domestic Passenger Ferry Terminal in North Harbor

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

• For Thesis Approval •

•'s a Passenger Ferry Terminal Hub. •
(may mga "po" kasi just copy-pasted this from my email to my thesis adviser)

Gusto ko po ung terminal na gagawin ko..not just for ships. meron din po terminal integrated within the structure itself for busses and a few other land transpos. Isa po sa plano ko, is to make the terminal a merger of two types of transpo, both land and water transpos. Ang present sense po ng terminal kasi, it sort of divides land transpo from water transpo, nagiging barrier po sha kumbaga. Why not make the whole terminal a smooth convergence of water transpo, land transpo, and footpath? Kung san po may way of circulating inside the terminal ang land transpo.

Ito po ang ilan sa mga ships na naiisip kong pwde least 2 cruise ships, RoRo ship, a local tour boat--watertaxi kung pwde na mag iikot sa mga malapit na destinations sa site na maganda puntahan.

Commercial area would include some shopping areas, cafes, a few cinemas, others. Walking/View deck for people to roam around. Naiisip ko din po na mag include ng Amenities for Seamen, maybe a small dorm.

HUB po in a sense na hindi lng po sha basta terminal kung saan pasok labas ang mga tao, ung ibang tao..pupunta dito mismo to spend their time. for example a holiday, families can view the sea mula dito as mga decks, then if they feel an impulse to visit a nearby place, they can use the local tour boat. this terminal will not just be a place where you go away, it will be a place that will take you away itself. (may sense po ba?)

Im not sure if the term inter-modal is applicable here, or if there is a term bi-modal? basta po water and land transpo converge inside the terminal.

Those who arrive from other places will have instant convenient access to a land transpo that will send passengers throughout the area.

<<<<<-- (this will serve as the Official Logo for comments of my Thesis Adviser/s)

doing a terminal is already a big project do not make your life difficult by integrating it with others. if you want to do a cruise terminal sure, if you want to work on the existing shipping lines puwede rin. but do not anymore integrate it with land based facilities.

oh what will i do what will i do..siguro tanggalin ko na nga lng ung Land Terminal pero i can still use the Permeable Terminal Concept.


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