ALON Passenger Terminal: Integrated Domestic Passenger Ferry Terminal in North Harbor

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

• North Harbor Passengerization™ •

The North Harbor of the Port of Manila is currently a domestic Passenger and Cargo handling facility. In my proposal, bearing in mind the future development plans in the Port of Manila especailly the expansion of the North Harbor, a completely Passengerized™ North Harbor will be created, locating the Cargo Handling in an entirely new area, most probably either in the Batangas Port or in the future reclamation specifically for the expansion of North Harbor.

Being exclusive for passenger use only, the North harbor will be giga-safer for people to circulate in, more comfortable without the cargo handling facilities and equipment criss-crossing with people..

the whole of North Harbor will have a new identity: North Harbor: the Domestic Passenger Haven! (a more catchy title will be thought of as the project evolves. if you have an idea, comment on that pls ^_^ thanks ) this will revitalize Manila Bay and Manila City of course, close to or much more than what Gateway Mall did to Araneta Center in Cubao Q.C.


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