ALON Passenger Terminal: Integrated Domestic Passenger Ferry Terminal in North Harbor

Thursday, October 06, 2005

• Philosophy+Concept Beta V.01 •

As i was sitting and wondering about things, while browsing thru architectural magazines and stuffs..something dawned upon me which i think can be a start of coming up with a real design philosophy and a design concept.

here's what i thought of. this is not final, as it will be changing as i get more grip of what i want.

Overall Philosophy: Life is merely a circulation in which God is the Architect. We as subjects, are bound to follow life's design. But also by having creative minds, we have the capacity to customize life, to innovate, and to interact with the structure.

Design Philosophy: Beauty + Strength + Function = 75% ARCHITECTURE
= 100 % Architecture

A structure for me can only be identified as architecture if there are people using it. And sticking with my overall philosophy, people defines the structure. People can customize and innovate upon a given space, and thus giving life to the structure and defining it as an Architecture.

Design Concept:

" ARCHIPELAGIC WAVES " : Promoting unity in the Islands of the Philippine Archipelago through water architecture.

my design will evoke the rolling waves of the sea. i will post some sketches soon. at the same time, the Archipelagic state of the philippines will be emphasized in my project, and a way of connecting these separated islands through the most viable means, water transportation.
In a smaller scale though, in my site development plan, i will try to emphasize this idea of being separated but connected by a means of transportation. As the Passenger terminal will only be located in one pier (pier2), people will have to be shuttled to the other piers in loading and unloading. A proper circulation will be the solution.


Blogger matthewtheo4878 said...

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Blogger art said...

actually your site is very useful in my thesis, my research study is focusing on pier south concerning if it safe and if the passenger is comfortable with its, regulation and location, the truth is i used some of your ideas, but i quoted your site and your name as my reference. just want to thank you... goodluck in your project.... and God bless it...

10:36 PM

Blogger rajendra said...

art! i've finished my thesis way back in 2006! this blog of mine is very old! i've forgotten about this already...its such a nice surprise that it helped you! ^_^ i'm glad it did..and thanks for quoting me..i appreciate it man. contact me...www.rajdeva/ or

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